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Our first experience with LDRA was under contract for a major defense contractor verifying the aircraft engine control software. Since then we have been working for many power-users of the LDRA tool suite. For example one of our projects was to assist with the process for using the LDRA tool to verify structural coverage as per DO-178B. We also documented the process and wrote the user manuals for this client.

Hiring EEDE as an LDRA contract engineering support team will result in significant savings for your company by enabling you to effectively and expediently meet your contract commitments, since we have:

18 years of experience in the engineering contract business.
Expertise configuring and using the LDRA tool.
Extensive process and user manual documentation experience.
ISO 9001:2000 compliant project management methodology.

To discuss the details of your LDRA project,

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EE Design Engineering (EEDEngineering/EEDE) was formed over eighteen years ago. Our first project consisted of creating replacement microprocessor control boards for a M40 gas mask testing machine.

EEDE has been formed as a vehicle to leverage the systems, software and electrical engineering and process-based management skills of its associates to provide reliable engineering services, with a focus on DO-178B embedded systems development. Specific focus areas include: systems engineering; software engineering; systems and software verification and validation using the LDRA tools for, Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Transportation, Telecommunications, Industrial Automation and Medical Electronics.
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